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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Blast from the past

I first heard this classical music circa 1995 in Glasgow. I was at a close friend's room, and he was playing this music. I was somewhat down then, and this music succeeded in lifting my spirits up again.

I asked him the title of the music. He answered, "Canon by Pachelbel."

It became my favourite music for my remaining years in Glasgow. I copied a midi version of this music onto my trusted Mac, and would play it again and again.

In 1996, just before I left Glasgow for good, my friend - whom I regard as my brother - dropped by the place I was staying and quietly stashed an audio cassette of this music in my room, hidden enough for me not to notice it immediately, but not too difficult to find later on.

While the audio cassette is no longer functional (and no longer practical for that matter), the music still brings a cheer to my heart. Have a listen. Who knows, it just might cheer you up somewhat.

And to Nazrul who introduced me to Pachelbel's work, thank you for being a very good and understanding friend all those years.

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