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Friday, January 01, 2010

Different, but familiar

When I arrived at Glasgow Central Station on the 27th of December, I noticed an air of familiarity to it. Nothing much has changed. Well, in general the station still looks very much just as I remember it. The notice board is of course different. But everything else was very familiar, right down to the clock in the station.My accommodation in Glasgow was at Buchanan Street which is just a short walk away from Glasgow Central Station.

As I walked along Renfield Street, then onto Gordon Street, before turning into Buchanan Street, my eyes were actually peeled on the streets' surroundings. The buildings' look the same, but there are a lot of new shops now. Most glaringly, I noticed a few Starbucks outlets along the way.

As noted by my former Mathematics lecturer, Mrs Margaret Cunningham, the Starbucks outlets actually provided an option for people wanting to meet up with friends. In the past, people would go to local pubs or bars, but now people can opt for cafes like Starbucks.

While there have been changes, Glasgow still feels the same after 13 years.

[Pictures courtesy of Szakif Ramli].

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