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Friday, January 01, 2010

Snow white

As far as I can remember, throughout my student days in Glasgow, it did not snow in December. Yes, there was snow but not in December. There was ice in December, perhaps even some sleet. Hailstones were more likely to come down in December. But I say it again, it did not snow in December. I remembered snow came down in February and March. Even then, the snow that came down did not last for long. Snow wasn't thick and it didn't stick.

A week before I arrived in the UK, I have been following the weather of the country. There has been a rather unusual weather pattern. The temperature has been coming down to levels that was somehow unexpected by meteorologists. And snow came down very heavily a few days before Christmas.

No snow came down on Christmas day when I arrived in London. When I travelled up north on the 27th, you could actually see snow on the ground. It is even more apparent as you go further north of Lancaster into Oxenholme and the Lake District. By the time you get to the Scottish border just after Carlisle, everything is literally snow white, from the hills to the grounds, as well as rooftops, and even cars were not spared from being covered in snow.

It was a beautiful sight to behold. Frankly, what I saw was nothing like the snow that I experienced in the first half decade of the 1990s. The snow still persisted on the day I travelled back south to London.

What a sight it was. Masya-Allah!

[Pictures courtesy of Szakif Ramli who accompanied me in this UK trip].

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