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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Jejak Ilmuwan Islam

Some time last month, I was approached by Persatuan Mahasiswa Selangor (PERMAS) of University of Malaya to deliver a series of talks on past Muslim scholars and scientists. The series is called "Jejak Ilmuwan Islam". There are four talks in total, held at Masjid ar-Rahman in Kuala Lumpur beginning last Friday evening. The first was on Abu Kamil Shuja' ibn Aslam, an Egyptian mathematician born in the 9th century who was dubbed al-Hasib al-Misri (the Calculator of Egypt).

This coming Friday, I will talk on one of my personal favourites, Jabir ibn Hayyan, globally acknowledged as the Father of Chemistry. The talk will begin after Isyak prayer at Masjid ar-Rahman.

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