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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Informed opinion, not just any opinion

I have been away from blogging for far too long. During this period, I mainly jotted down my thoughts in short simple sentences on Facebook. It is quick, and it can be done almost anytime, anywhere.

After today, I have changed my mind. There are things, I suppose, which are best suited for blogs.

I was at a function today in conjunction with Aidiladha. I was sitting with a professor who is well-renowned in his field. I have known him for quite some time, and am quite acquainted with his "eccentricities". The professor is known as someone who is combative, opinionated, and critical. In many ways, he is considered to be an alpha male in any group he is in. He likes to pose difficult questions, forcing us to think - and rethink - our position.

I have met a few people who are like this. I find them intriguingly fascinating. Many a times, I find myself "challenged" by these people, something that rarely happens, truth be told. Whenever I feel challenged, I would force myself to up the ante. In other words, this would become a catalyst for me to improve myself.

Those who know me well would know that I hate to engage in rhetorical debates. I prefer to put my thoughts in writing, either on paper or electronically. Whenever I am in a situation where a debate takes place, I would usually listen and absorb all the arguments, before giving it some time to think the points over and refer to various thoughts on the matter being debated, analysing the points over and over, before finally synthesising my thought.

It is frustratingly time consuming, I know, but that is how I work. I would not give spontaneous reactions unless the subject is something that I am really familiar with. If the subject is new, I do not see myself in the position to give an opinion, unless and until I have studied the subject matter thoroughly. I do not want to give an opinion that is half-baked or based simply on emotions. I would prefer to give informed opinions, instead of merely being opinionated.

Many a times, I keep my opinions to myself. That will change, insha-Allah.

After today, I am convinced that I have to voice out my opinions. I may not be an orator, but I can certainly put down my opinions in writing. That is the point of having this blog in the first place.

And so, I will put down "my thoughts on stuff" from hereon, hence effectively reactivating the blog TeropongSkop. Salam Aidiladha to visitors and readers (if there are still any left) of my blog.


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