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Thursday, February 14, 2008

X marks the vote

And so the date for the country's general election has been fixed on 8th March. That's just over three weeks away. With the dissolution of the Parliament and the state assemblies yesterday, election fever officially starts.

There are indeed many who dream of becoming Parliamentarians and State Assemblymen. Those who are incumbents would most probably want to carry on "serving." And there are many more who want to contest as first time candidates. Those who lost in the last elections would probably want to make a come back. And those who were not fielded the last time around may harbour hopes of being chosen this time.

Personally, I want to see those who are nominated and consequently elected - no matter which party they represent - are those who are mature, responsible and accountable - and more importantly, are true "wakil rakyat."

I am tired of our Yang Berhormat who talk rubbish, do no research before speaking and worse still, rude, when they are debating in the Parliament - turning the august house into a circus or a joke. I am equally sick of our Yang Berhormat who are merely talkshops - where they talk and talk and talk, without being able to implement what was said.

But then again, who am I to argue?

Oh, yeah. I forgot.

I am a voter who puts down the X.

And my vote counts.

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Anonymous said...

Truly agree with you.