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Monday, June 18, 2012

Euro euphoria

Not to say that I have been living in a cave somewhere, but I did not really "feel" the heat of the UEFA European Football Championship 2012 since it started. I have never really been a football fan, hence I have not really been following the championship in earnest. I have not even watched a single match on television (live or recorded) thus far, and have no plans to do so as yet. The reason is simple, I have other more important things in mind to bother about the championship.

Having said that, I do take a quick glance at the results in the sports section everyday. So I am aware of which team is winning or losing, and which team has qualified to the next round or which team has been sent packing.

When I was a student in Glasgow, I was around during Euro 1992 and Euro 1996. The euphoria wasn't as great in Scotland as it was in England, but it can still be felt nonetheless. Interestingly it was in 1996 that England got to the semi-finals (which was the second time, the last being in 1968, and they haven't got through to that level since).

Now, I suspect I will be experiencing the Euro euphoria again when I arrive in Germany in two days time. I have seen with my own eyes the level of fanaticism of English, Scottish and Welsh football fans. Now I guess I will get to witness the German fans in action, especially with Germany doing well so far.

I am glad I am not that much of a fan of football. Otherwise I would have probably made arrangements to go to Poland or Ukraine after the conference in Germany.

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