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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Timely lesson of Ramadan

Ramadan may have passed, and we are now in the month of Syawal. I am sure everyone is still very much in the festive mood of Eid.

While we celebrate Eid, let us not forget the many lessons we obtain from the school of Ramadan. One important lesson that I see not many people notice or appreciate comes in the form of time management.

Let us give this a bit more thought.

In the month of Ramadan, many of us make it a point to be punctual for our prayers. Most of us have no problems waking up in early so as not to miss sahur. Since we are already up that early in the morning, we have no problems performing the subuh prayer. Some even go the extra mile to perform the tahajud prayer along with other optional prayers before subuh.

As we are already awake for subuh, most of us would be ready to leave for work and arriving much earlier than usual. Since we do not have to take breakfast, we would already be at our work stations ready for work. While at work, we do not have distractions for tea breaks and lunches, hence we would continue with our work.

Most offices allow its staff members to leave early at the end of the day by halving the lunch break. It is amazing that many people could actually finish the same amount of work within eight hours in Ramadan, compared to other months where people would stay back on the account of finishing up work.

We would rush home, prepare (or buy) food for iftar. At the stroke of maghrib, everyone breaks fast on time. We even have the time to break fast with all our family members, which seems difficult to do outside of Ramadan.

Interestingly, as maghrib is the one of the shortest prayer times, we could still find time for maghrib prayer, rest and then go to the masjid for isyak and the terawih and witir prayers. We even have time for tadarus al-Quran during this time.

I find it amazing that in a month like Ramadan, many of us actually are able to manage our time pretty efficiently. We can do many things that we just cannot seem to do in the other months. In fact, I for one believe that productivity is actually greater in this holy month for Muslims who truly observe the ibadah.

The challenge now is for us to be consistent even after the month of Ramadan. If we can be as efficient in time management as we were in the holy month, I think we can bring out the best in ourselves, insha-Allah.

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