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Monday, April 07, 2008


I have been an Internet user since 1996. I was one of the earliest Jaring dial-up subscribers. Then about two years ago, I switched to TMNet Prepaid dial-up service. At the office meanwhile, we use the Streamyx broadband service.

Recently, when my family moved to our new home, I was at a crossroad of sorts. Should I continue using narrowband dial-up Internet? Or should I now use broadband Internet connection? Or should I try out the new mobile broadband service? Until today, I haven't actually made up my mind.

Partly because my office just provided me with a mobile broadband modem which allows me to (theoretically speaking) be connected anywhere anytime. While this is indeed handy, I find that the connectivity of the mobile Internet device left a lot to be desired. I find that the Internet traffic at certain hours is horrendous. And it is virtually impossible for me to get online at home in the evenings.

I suppose we can draw similarities with highways. While highways can be very fast for road users, during peak hours however, the highways would still be crawling with traffic.

I think much still needs to be done with the country's infostructure. With the growing number of Internet users in Malaysia, the facilities must be improved in accordance to this trend. Otherwise people will be left with an awful taste in their mouths when it comes to Internet connection. We have heard people complaining about the traffic jams in the country, let's not wait till people start complaining about cybertraffic jams.


sooshin said...

When is the house-warming, btw?

arsaili said...

salam bro..wah dah move rumah baru ek? sure busy

enigma said...

tmnet dial up kadang-kadang lagi laju daripada streamyx :(

Kelana said...

Soo Shin: No plans for any housewarming yet. But all are welcomed. :-)

Kelana said...

Salam saudara Arsaili, alhamdulillah proses perpindahan dah selesai. Cuma sekarang nie masih ada barang yang belum unpacked.

Kelana said...

Enigma: Itulah masalahnya. It makes things difficult to decide which one to go for.