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Monday, April 21, 2008

Feels like old times

It has been an interesting day today for me at the office. One of the trustees of the organisation I'm attached to came by. He is currently based in Brunei Darussalam as an advisor to the government there. He happened to be my former big boss at my former workplace. What is interesting is that, since Yayasan Ilmuwan started one of our consultancy projects on 1st February, we have started recruiting a number of staff. Three of the project team members recruited are in fact formerly attached to the same organisation which I was with previously.

So, when the old big boss came a-visiting, and the four of us are here, it really felt like a mini reunion. Amazingly, it really feels like old times at the old workplace.

[Health update: I have not had any migraine episode for the past three days, alhamdulillah].

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