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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Do our part

We live in a planet that is fragile. Whether we want to admit it or not, much damage has been done on this world that is our home. And already we can see its impacts - global warming, flash floods, landslides, etc.

We only have this planet to live on. Let us do our part in ensuring that no more damage is done to this blue gem that is Planet Earth. Remember that we borrow this planet from the future generation.

Happy Earth Day 2008 - and let's not just celebrate, but act on it as well. Each of us has a role to play in ensuring a better future for this planet of ours.


temasik_temagi said...

Reminds me of how sinful I am. I love my SUV and won't give it up for another smaller vehicle that consumes less petrol. Also, I kill trees with the reams of single-sided paper in laserjet printing. Time for repentance for Earth Day!

Kelana said...

Each of us is guilty, one way or another. We refuse to recycle, we waste paper, we leave the lights on even when we're not using them, we turn on the air-cond when we don't really need to, we drive when we can walk, etc etc. I guess we have to change our habits bit by bit. To change overnight may be too much to ask, but perhaps by making evironmentally-friendly habits a part of our lives would let us do our bit for the Earth.

Pinky said...

I guess you must have watch the documentary "An Inconvenient Truth" to see how much damage has been done or going to be inflicted to the environment. It is indeed scary... do not be surprise if you find our kids living in an artificially constructed closed biosphere in 50 years time becos of the massive enviromental destruction of the planet.

Kelana said...

Truth be told, I haven't had the opportunity to watch "An Inconvenient Truth." These days I don't watch much TV... half an hour is the most in a day. Regardless, the signs of a dying planet are plain for all to see, unless of course we choose to turn a blind eye on all these signs.