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Friday, August 07, 2009

Misdirected mail

This morning just before leaving for work, there was a letter in my mailbox. It was quite odd, because usually the postman arrives around noon. Most definitely, the postman does not send letters that early.

The thought that came to mind almost immediately is that in all probability, this letter was sent to another address (probably one of my neighbour's). This neighbour (whoever he or she is) probably put the letter into my mailbox on his/her way to work. I am very grateful for this neighbourly act.

However, I am a bit saddened for two reasons.

First, the date on the stamp is 22nd July. That was 15 days ago. As far as I know, the mail service in the country only takes two to three days to arrive at its destination. Did the person who got my mail keep it for almost two weeks? Or did the mail itself arrive late?

Second, I found the envelope opened. Who opened my letter up? Could it have been an honest mistake? Or was it the act of someone curious? Whatever the reason may be, I find this worrying. Fortunately the contents which included a letter, a few documents that I needed to sign and a cheque were left intact (at least I think there was nothing missing).

I was a bit upset over this in the morning. Not only the letter (which I have been waiting for since early July) arrived late, its private contents were, most probably, irresponsibly scrutinised by someone.

I have to say that I am grateful that the letter is finally in my hands. But this is an episode that has left me rather suspicious.

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