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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Online forms not original?

Last Monday, I took my parents to the Immigrations Department to have their passports done. As I had blogged some time back, my experience dealing with the department was pleasant. The experience on Monday was similar. The service provided by the department was efficient, prompt and pleasant. The whole process took less than one hour much to my parents' delight.

However, there was one thing that I found somewhat "odd". My parents had to fill a form in order to get their passports. It was the same form that I had to fill up when I renewed mine. So, I went to the department's website to download and print the form. My parents had the form filled up at home before going to the department.

Here comes the odd part. When we got there, the officer at the counter informed us that the downloaded form could not be used. Instead we have to use the "original" form. I find this pretty absurd. Why have the forms online for people to download and print, when people have to use the original forms?

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