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Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday is here again

Some people may look forward to Friday being the last day of work for the week. Me? I don't know, the days are just the same to me.

Time sure flies when you have a lot to do. Taking stock at what I need to do, I feel overwhelmed, but strangely this is what keeps me going. I have an academic book to edit (all 23 chapters of them), a working paper to write, a PhD proposal to update, a novel to finish, a few books to read, a number of radio scripts to prepare and some office-related matters to take care off.

My problem is that I do my writing, reading and editing at night. This is my most productive time actually. The day at the office is usually spent by taking care of office matters which are administrative in nature. These things are usually simple but ironically, the time and energy needed to resolve these are just unbelievable. Talk about bureaucracy.

Oh, well. The weekend is here. Probably I'll catch up on my rest... though the chances of that happening is near to nil.

Have a nice weekend, anyway!

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