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Friday, September 21, 2007

Catch that beast

Officially I am still on paternity leave. But I decided to jot this in my blog because I feel strongly about this. Words fail to describe my feelings on this matter.

I know that by now, most of us have heard of the tragedy that has befallen Nurin Jazlin Jazimin. She has gone missing since 20th August. Last Monday, a girl's body was found in a bag. DNA tests have confirmed that the girl is Nurin Jazlin. While her father is understandably still in denial, the police have said that they are closing in on the killer.

News like this one certainly sends chills down my spine. I acknowledge that the responsibility to look after the children lies mainly on the parents. Nonetheless, as a father of two very young children, I am left wondering whether the neighbourhood is safe for our children anymore. Nurin Jazlin after all went missing in her own neighbourhood.

I certainly hope that whoever that did this be brought to justice soon. I cannot imagine what sort of person - nay, beast - is capable of doing such a heinous act. I don't even know whether the killer actually deserves the worldly punishment under the judicial system that we have.

I do not know Nurin Jazlin in person. Neither do I know her parents or family members. But I most certainly share their grief, sadness and anger for losing a child. I pray that her family members be given the strength to carry on without Nurin Jazlin by their side.

May her soul be blessed by Allah SWT. Al-Fatihah.

Update: Nurin has been laid to rest on Friday afternoon. The Star has the story, video and pictures here.


arsaili said...

Al-Fatihah for arwah...and reminder for all of us especially parents..its seem there is no safe place in this world, so be alert!

Temasik_Temagi said...

Parents need to keep an eye on the whereabouts their offsprings are. I guess it's becoming difficult to do that with our busy schedules.

On the same subject but a different case, let's hope little Madeleine McCann is found soon. I'd like to give the McCann parents some benefit of the doubt.

©Opah De said...

I've said enough. All I want to hear now is the beast has been caught and please, for our children's sake, no scapegoat!!!