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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Vision imperfect

I don't have perfect vision. I have been wearing glasses since 1987 because I am shortsighted as a result of a serious eye infection I had the year before.

My current spectacles are relatively new. This pair is less than a year old. However, my youngest son has the tendency to grab my glasses and bend its frame, making the glasses quite wobbly. So this evening, I decided to go to an optical shop nearby to have it fixed. And since I was there, I made a new pair as back-up just in case my current pair breaks or something. The new pair will be ready some time next week.

After that was taken care of, I went to the masjid across the road to perform my Isyak prayer. I took off my glasses when I performed the prayer. Upon completion of this obligatory task, I put on the glasses - and lo and behold, it broke! So, I hurried myself to the optical shop once again in the hope that I could get it fixed. I would be rendered helpless without my glasses.

Unfortunately, the only way to fix the glasses is by welding. And they don't have that facility there. To make things more "interesting", the shop was about to close. I insisted that the glasses be fixed by replacing the frame. The optician obliged, but she couldn't get the glasses done there and then. I have to come back again tomorrow morning to pick up the glasses.

For the first time in my life, I come to realise the importance of eyesight. I had to drive home somehow - without my glasses. It was after 10 p.m. and I guess, in many ways, that was a blessing. There were not many cars on the road at that time. I drove carefully, and had to rely mainly on my instinct and memory.

I couldn't see much, safe for blurry lights from the street lamps and vehicles' headlights. Everything else was sketchy at best. I couldn't read the road signs nor can I read vehicles' registration plates even when my car was behind the vehicle. Yes, my eyesight IS that bad.

Like I said, I relied on my memory. To go home, I chose a longer route which has less traffic. I figured that would be a wiser choice than risking going on a shorter route with heavy traffic. I managed to slow down when I came to speed bumps because I more or less remembered where they are, and also remembered how many speed bumps along said route.

I arrived home safely, and once home, I searched frantically for my old pair of glasses. Fortunately I still keep them stashed in one of the drawers. While this old pair may not be too clear, it will have to do for the time being. At least, it is better than not having anything to assist my vision.

One important lesson I learnt today. Eyesight is an important gift from Allah the Almighty. Rarely do we give thanks for this gift. Only when we are faced with situations such as mine, would we realise how we struggle with imperfect vision.

After what happened to me this evening, I have come to realise the significance of this invaluable gift. And for that, I say "alhamdulillah".


Izza Aripin said...

phew! kalaulah saya yang kena, cuba bayangkan bagaimana saya nak drive balik kajang? ssscarryyyy!

Kelana said...

Memang satu kesukaran bila berhadapan dengan situasi sedemikian. Apa pun, syukur semua selamat.

JIE said...

Salam kelana,

I'm sure you were extra careful driving without your glasses, but wouldn't it have been better to take a cab or ask a friend to drive you home? Lots of accidents happen even without the hazard of the drivers' bad eyesight... Sorry, no intention to criticize you, just taking a precaution :-)

Kelana said...

Salam Jie,

Truth be told, those options didn't cross my mind at all at that time. In retrospect, you're right. I should've thought of taking a taxi, although I may have to ask someone to hail a taxi because I wouldn't know be able to see. Silap hari bulan, tahan kereta polis... hehehe.


xara said...

hmm.. kalau saya pun saya akan call member ataupun paksa opismate hantar. Sedangkan memandu dengan cermin mata pun tak berapa jelas penglihatan pada waktu malam, inikan pula tanpa cermin mata.