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Monday, December 01, 2008

Promoting local science fiction

Yesterday, six science fiction authors from PTS Publications and Distributors Sdn Bhd was at MPH Mid Valley promoting local science fiction novels. The authors are Kusyi Hirdan (Urana Exham), Nazri M. Annuar (Opera Angkasa), Firdaus Ariff (Sayap Adinila), Azrul Jaini (Galaksi Muhsinin), Suri Mawarne (Virus L) and yours truly under the guise of Amir Husaini (Transgenesis: Bisikan Rimba).

It was a good outing at the bookstore. And after the event, we even discussed on the way forward to further promote local science fiction and fantasy. It is no secret that this genre is dominated by imported novels mainly from the United States and Japan. Most local readers who are into science fiction and fantasy are not even aware of the existence of local authors churning out books in this genre.

One of the aims of yesterday's event was to promote the fact that Malaysia does have its own science fiction and fantasy authors. We will continue to work as a group so that the awareness among Malaysians would be increased.

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arsaili said...

salam..yea...thats the fact!