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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Migraine pain

Back when I was in university, I started to have serious bouts of migraine. The doctor there prescribed me some medication to alleviate the pain but really it wasn't enough. He even suggested that I be more selective with what I eat as he explained that certain kinds of protein could trigger migraine. And that's what I did. I managed to identify what it was that would trigger my migraine, and I found out coffee was one of them.

I haven't had coffee since 1993. That's a long time. And it certainly helped. I haven't had migraines as frequent as I used to back then. Even when I do get migraines, they were very mild.

But last night, I had one of the worst that I could remember in ages. I'm not sure what caused last night's migraine. It could be from the pressure of work or lack of rest. Certainly I don't think it was coffee that caused it because I didn't have any. Nonetheless, the experience last night was quite scary. Aside from the continuous pounding pain on the right side of my head, I also noticed that my limbs were weak and difficult to move. My heartbeat was quite erratic and fast. This lasted for well over two hours.

The only thing I could do was sleep. Fortunately when I woke up this morning, the migraine was but a painful memory. I really hope it does not recur.

Perhaps, it was one way my body is communicating to me to get enough rest.

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Temasik Temagi said...

Hope your bouts of migraine will be kept at bay. I used to have a colleague who had a very pronounced one-sided swelling of the head whenever she caught a migraine. Hers was largely due to work stress and not induced by coffee. You had better take it easy!