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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Back in IJN

Fikri is warded again for his on-again off-again fever. This is the second time he is warded in two months. I hope the good doctors at IJN will be able to identify what is actually causing his fever. They're awaiting the blood test results. I hope everything will be well with Fikri. He will be sitting for his SPM this year. And he needs to be in good shape to do so without any interruptions.

My prayers are with you, Fikri. Get well soon!

P.S. Another book plug. Fikri, for those not in the know, was the first person in the region to be fitted with a device known as IVAD internally. The IVAD unit, commonly referred to in the media as "the mechanical heart," is a means to sustain Fikri until he got a new heart. He received a new heart on 16 December 2005. His experience and story will be told in his memoir aptly entitled Echoes of My Heart. So stay tuned for updates on this. We hope to have the book out in 2008.

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