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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Working weekend at PD - Day 2

The second day in Port Dickson is a full day for the staff. I don't think there's actually any chance for anyone to savour the sight, smell and sound of the (in)famous and popular beach of Port Dickson.

While the staff was attending the course, a group of us - the executive chairman, the two executive directors, the programme manager and the administrative and financial director - had a separate meeting discussing on the way forward for the organisation. I would say it was a fruitful meeting and hopefully this endeavour would bear its fruits in the coming months.

After the meeting of the "council of elders", I spent the afternoon preparing for the talk I'm giving tomorrow morning to the staff, while the evening was spent together with the staff in the course.

As a side note, during the course, we had to do a personality test to identify our strengths and weaknesses. I have done a lot of personality tests before, and the result from this latest one very much confirmed the results from previous tests. To summarise, I am introverted and unique; able to read what is in between the lines; logical; and, systematic and careful. I'd say these descriptions are pretty much accurate.

I hope that my talk tomorrow will go well. Come to think of it, this will be the first time that I am speaking to every staff member since they came on board earlier this year. Let's hope my message gets across loud and clear.


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council of the elder..hehhe

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