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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Salted egg crab

I had a craving for salted egg crab yesterday. One of the best restaurants that had this on their menu is Cheng Ho.

Cheng Ho is a restaurant that specialises in Chinese Islamic seafood located at Wangsa Maju and owned by Amy, the well-known rocker of the famed rock band, Search. I was introduced to this restaurant late last year. While the price may be on the high side, the meals prepared, to me, are very delicious. And salted egg crab is my favourite dish there.

So, after work yesterday, I went to the restaurant. They open for lunch (until 2.15 p.m. if I'm not mistaken), and reopen again at 6.15 p.m. for dinner. I arrived just before opening time. The restaurant was still closed, but I could see from the outside that the staff were having a briefing. Before the briefing began, there was a recitation of the doa. I said to myself, "How very Islamic!" What I saw really impressed me. Not many restaurants I know perform a short prayer before they are opened. This is, to me, an effort, on the part of the owner and staff to ensure that their efforts are blessed by Allah SWT.

This little effort on the part of the restaurant staff only served to increase my confidence in their service. And I have to say that the salted egg crab was tasty. If anyone ever got a chance to stop by Cheng Ho, make sure that you order the salted egg crab.

[Cheng Ho, or Zheng He, was of course a Muslim Chinese admiral assigned by the Emperor of China to establish relationship with the Sultanate of Melaka during the 15th century].


Szakif said...

someone might have to bring me there some time.

it's a good way of da'wah to the workers and the customers, indirectly. congratulations to the owner of cheng ho.

may Allah bless the business...

Izza Aripin said...

mm..yum yum...I can still remembered how creamy and rich the salted egg crabs when we have lunch there