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Friday, May 19, 2006

Irony of life

Sometimes when we look back to our pasts, we notice that oft-times, we have crossed paths with people who are destined to be important in our lives. Yet, at that point in time, we didn't notice them, or we didn't know them, or we didn't care about them.

Imagine sitting beside somebody for a class picture. Or sitting next to somebody in a crowded bus. Or sitting beside somebody in a hall. You pay no attention to that somebody. No smile. No hello. To you, that somebody is just another face in the crowd.

Yet, years later, that same somebody becomes somebody close or dear or important to you. That very same person could very well be a part of your life today.

On a personal note, there have been many occasions that I realise that I've crossed paths in the past with people who are important to me now. And this acts as an important reminder to me... never take the people around you today for granted.

Such is the irony of life...

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