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Friday, May 26, 2006

Weird week

Yes, I know I was angry as you could see in my previous post.

Nonetheless, I am also one who doesn't mix one business with another. Despite what happened, I still had a good time this week. The last time I went out to see a movie with my lovely wife was almost a year and a half ago. This was when we went to see "Lord of the Rings: Return of the King" --- when she was about four months pregnant with Amir Husaini.

On Thursday, I felt so exhausted with the things that have been happening, that I just decided to stop and take a break. I took my wife for a movie at KLCC --- "X-Men: The Last Stand" to be precise. We had a good time at the movie.

After the movie, we stopped by Habib's Jewels. Interestingly, the salesgirl there greeted us and inquired whether we were looking for an engagement ring. We must have looked to her like a couple who were going to get engaged!

Anyhow, we told her that we're already married with one son. The salesgirl then said, "Oh, maybe you're looking for your first anniversary ring!"

Hmmm, okayyy... Are the two of us really look that carefree? For a couple who are married for nearly six and a half years, I took the salesgirl's words as a compliment.

Then again, maybe she was looking for sales commissions...

Weird week indeed.


auni said...

hehe.....nampak mcm pasangan tengah bercinta yek? gud..gud..bagus tu.. dah 6 thn kawin still nampak mcm baru semalam kirim-kirim sms cinta. leh jadik contoh ni..

mcm zetty hari tu ngan 'kawan' tu, nak tgk da vinci code, kene tanya ngan akak jual tiket tu dah cukup 18thn ke dak.. gagaga..maybe pasal 2-2 pun kecik.

Kelana said...

2-2 kecik?? hehe.. u know what they say... size doesn't matter... kuang kuang kuang